• Reporting should be understood as an instrument of leading. It is an ability of searching, filtration and interpretation of information in meaningful connections.
  • Collecting of information about the evidence and proof subserviency used during the lawsuit and administrative procedure.
  • Competitive reporting.
  • Refinery of information from open sources and investigative analysis.
  • Protective competitive reporting and information security.
  • Protection of information and data.
  • Protection against offensive reporting of competing business.
  • Protectiong of hidden information.
  • Getting information which are important for decision-making process in the management.
  • Offensive competitive reporting.
  • Influenced and competitive reporting – Lobbying.
  • Influenced reporting and disinformation.
  • Those what makes attack, win and reach the target are precocious information and well knowledges. That is what makes the difference between capable leader, wise ruler and other people. Our company is able to ensure training for your employees in the field of security and protection of business subjects and all associated with stabilization of the relationship between employee and company, faithfulness and devotion to all needs of your company, assertive behaviour of all employees and good level of communication between employee and customer etc. The training is ensured by our classing and we use all our rich experiences in these fields. Our company is also able to prepare for your employees week-end adrenaline programme which is very good for agglutination of working group. The week-end programme is guided by collective staying, classing, sport and teaching the basics of combat sports and other activities which are important for imporvent of the internal personnel relationship of your company. Just highly relevant base of each company.

Brief selection of our services

Detective servicesDetective services

Gaining of information that might be used as a proper evidence during the law suit and in front of administrative authority.

Mending of outstanding debtsMending of outstanding debts

Purchase, sale and mending of outstanding debts (factoring, forfaiting).

Crisis analysis of the companyCrisis analysis of the company

Individual analysis of each case, for example sale of the company, revitalization, ensuring the investor, audition etc.

Reporting serviceOstraha majetku a osob

Individual analysis of each case, for example sale of the company, revitalization, ensuring the investor, audition etc.

Special servicesOstraha majetku a osob

Special and VIP services, including armed attendance.

LobbyingOstraha majetku a osob

Lobbying ...